How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live(Nigerian Dwarf Goat Lifespan)

nigerian dwarf goat history lifespan

How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live/Nigerian Dwarf Goat Lifespan

Nigerian dwarf goat, in terms of lifespan, is no different to a normal goat breed. Nevertheless, its lifespan depends significantly on the amount of care it receives.

Normally, a typical Nigerian dwarf goat lives for as long as 12 to 14 years, barring any form of terminal disease or accident.

Bottom line, the lifespan of Nigerian dwarf goat boils down to the amount of care it receives. This is because, without adequate feeding, health care (where and when required), debugging (where applicable), proper housing and so on, a Nigeria dwarf goat (or any other livestock) might not even live up to a year.

History Of The Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Nigerian dwarf goat, formerly known as West African dwarf, is a small-sized breed of dairy goats, which originate from the western region of Africa. The dwarf goats became known many years ago, when they were being kept (as meat source) aboard a ship that was conveying some wild animals from Africa to the US.

However, as it turned out, some of the goats survived the journey and eventually made their way to some zoos in the US, where they were kept as side attractions.

As time goes on, certain characteristics were observed in the dwarf goat’s physiology. It was observed that some of the dwarf goats garnered more flesh and developed better meat stock, while others showed significant dairy attributes, in terms of larger teats and udders.

Hence, the Nigerian dwarf goats with dairy attributes were accorded more attention, and they were later classified under a new breed, that was tagged “Nigerian dwarf”.

In summary, West African dwarf goats with excellent dairy characteristics are referred to as “Nigerian dwarf goats”.

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