How Much Do Nollywood Stars Make – Nigerian Actors Pay Per Movie

How Much Do Nollywood Stars Make

How Much Do Nollywood Stars Make – Nigerian Actors Pay Per Movie

Don’t be deceived by the flashy “Instagram lifestyle” of most Nollywood stars, most of them have nothing to show for it in real life. In fact, only a handful of them, the so-called A-list stars, are multimillionaires.

A typical Nollywood movie is produced and directed within two weeks, with a budget of about 10 million Naira. If such movie has a cast of 15 actors, how much do you think the highest earning actor can get? This is the reality!

While certain Nollywood stars like Omotola Jalade, Genevieve Nnaji, Desmond Elliot, Ramsey Nouah and others are highly paid, others are left to share the crumbs. It was gathered that, Omotola Jalade earns between 1 to 3 million Naira per movie, and that is as much as any other Nollywood artiste can get.

The so-called A-list stars, who earn millions, make up a tiny fraction (the elite) of the over 1000 movie stars in the industry. Among these stars, there are those who earn below 30,000 Naira (per movie feature) or even less. This is very common in the local (Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo) movie scenes of Nollywood.

In a nutshell, Nollywood is just like a typical ecosystem; the stronger animals (A-list actors) get the larger percent of the share, while the weaker animals (rookies) are left with little or nothing.

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