How Nollywood Nigerian Movie Producers Make Their Money

how nollywood producers make money

How Do Nollywood Producers Make Their Money?

Movies, like every other service and product, is meant for the end consumer – the general public. “Movie producer” is the technical term used for every professional that makes an input to the makeup (story line) of a particular movie. This is why a typical movie often has many producers.

However, there is always the lead producer; the one who actually owns the movie. This lead producer is usually the one who covers the cost of production, and like every investment, how much he/she earns is wholly dependent on the ROI (return on investment) of the movie.

In essence, a top-grossing movie translates to huge profit for the producer, while a low grossing movie means little profit or loss. This is irrespective of how much money was pumped into the production of the movie.

A typical instance is Genevieve’s most recent production titled Lionheart, which was acquired by Netflix for over $3 million. What this means is that, Genevieve earned $3 million on a movie whose production couldn’t have cost more than $50,000. That is a staggering 6000% gross earning for the star actress/producer.

On another day, for another producer, on a different movie, the value could be considerably lower or significantly higher.

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