Is Nollywood Bigger Than Hollywood?

Is Nollywood Bigger Than Hollywood

This sounds awkward right? Well, in certain contexts, it is actually a fact – Nollywood is bigger than Hollywood. However, in terms of worth and prominence, Hollywood is light years ahead of its Nigerian counterpart.

All key indices flow in direction of Hollywood, against Nollywood. For instance, a standard movie in Nollywood has a budget in the range of $20,000 to $50,000 (8 million to 20 million Naira), while a short movie (less than two hours) in Hollywood can have a budget as high as $10 million. In fact, a seasonal movie could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Furthermore, the difference in the quality of movies produced by both industries is glaring for all to see. However, the low budget of Nollywood gives it one obvious advantage over her superior American counterpart: the relatively higher annual production volume.

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