NYSC & Pregnancy: 21 Days Terminal Leave & Calculating Age Limit

nysc and pregnancy


NYSC takes into consideration pregnant women and nursing mothers. A few days after reporting to camp for registration, they are permitted to leave. As the facilities to properly look after them should any emergency arise, are not available in these camps.

They are therefore permitted to exempt themselves from the first three weeks of training and orientation of the NYSC. But not from the service year as eventually, they are also to be assigned a place of primary assignment.

Married pregnant Corps members are qualified for full maternity leave. Which is six weeks before and six weeks after putting to bed during which they shall still be paid their monthly allowance. However, once maternity leave has been taken, the three weeks terminal leave which all Corps members are entitled to at the end of the service year is automatically forfeited.


Every Corps member is entitled to three weeks terminal leave which takes effect from the last twenty-one days of the service year. Every Corps member is entitled to it except Corps members who have previously gone on twelve weeks maternity leave.


At the inception of the NYSC program, there was no age limit for this scheme. As time progressed and probably due to the rise in the number of graduates, an age restriction was place on those called upon to serve.

Anyone who is over the age of thirty at the time of graduation is not allowed to serve. Rather he or she is issued a Certificate of Exemption. Therefore, anyone above the age of 30 is not permitted to serve.

For information and general updates of the NYSC, you should check out either one of these websites.
www.nysc.gov.ng and www.nysc.org.ng.

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