NYSC Purpose: Why NYSC Was Established In 1973

nysc purpose

NYSC Purpose And Why NYSC Was Created By Yakubu Gowon In 1973.

NYSC Purpose

The National Youth Service Corps also referred to as the NYSC, is a compulsory one year service scheme. This program is mandatory for every Nigerian youth who has successfully graduated from universities and polytechnics. However, graduates who are over the age of thirty at the point graduation are exempted from this service program by law of the NYSC.

They are however issued a Certificate of Exemption, which is also recognized by the country. After the period of one year, a National Youth Service Corps certificate is issued to every successful participant, while those over thirty years of age are issued a Certificate of Exemption.

Why NYSC Was Created By Yakubu Gowon In 1973

The NYSC was created under the administration of General Yakubu Gowon on the 22nd of May, 1973. Nigeria, still dealing with the devastating effects of the Nigerian civil war put certain structures in place for the rebuilding of the nation. The NYSC scheme was one of such structures.

To maintain a stronger nation, the need arose to bring together under a solid institution the diverse peoples of Nigeria. The youths are the major force of economic growth and development, hence, the creation of the NYSC.

The various stages of the program include: Mobilization/Orientation, Primary Assignment, Community Development Service and Winding-up/Passing out Ceremony. The orientation course, takes place during the first three weeks of the NYSC program. At the end of this three weeks training, Corps members are released from their various orientation camps to proceed to their places of primary assignment.

As well as the NYSC Zonal officer and Corps liaison officer in charge of that local government area, to officially register themselves.

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