NYSC Service Extension: Deferring NYSC Service To Next Stream

how to defer nysc

NYSC Service Extension. How To Defer NYSC Service To Next Stream

To defer your NYSC is postponing your service to a later date. This provision has been made by NYSC for those who for one reason or the other are not available to serve at the time. Prior to this time, to defer mostly, people just don’t collect their call-up letters.

If you do not collect your call-up letter from your school, you get to be mobilized with the next batch. Things have however been made easier. If you would like to defer or for one reason or the other were unable to report to your NYSC camp as expected, all you need is to have previously registered on the NYSC official portal.

When you are ready for the program, go to www.nysc.gov.ng, select revalidation and log in with the registration details you used on the portal in the previous batch. Revalidation will be automatically done for you if you have been deployed but are yet to serve.


For information and general updates of the NYSC, you should check out either one of these websites.
www.nysc.gov.ng and www.nysc.org.ng.

The NYSC program is dreaded by some and looked forward to by others. It is a period where graduates get to leave their familiar surroundings for a foreign environment. It is therefore natural to look upon this scheme with mixed feelings.

However most individuals, who have participated in this program in the past, consider it a time well spent in service to the country.

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