NYSC Service Rules And Regulations, Query & Extension Explained

NYSC Service Rules And Regulations

NYSC Service Rules And Regulations, Query And Extension Explained.

Every corps member is bound by the rules and regulations of his/her place of primary assignment as well as all the rules and regulations of the NYSC.
These rules are clearly stated in the NYSC bye-laws.


Within and out of the orientation camps, there are rules and regulations firmly put in place to ensure the smooth running of activities.
These are;

  • Every Corps member is expected to participate in field exercises and always be present at lectures at all times.
  • Possession of firearms and harmful weapons is prohibited.
  • The Corps members are to remain in the orientation camp for a period of 3 weeks. Should the need arise to leave the camp for any reason, written permission should be gotten from the state coordinator.
  • There should be no form of gambling, smoking or over indulging in alcohol within the camp premises.
  • The NYSC uniform should be worn in the proper manner always.
  • Rioting, insubordination and stealing are also punishable offences.
  • Pets are also not allowed within the camp.
  • Visitors are not to be received on camp on unapproved days.
  • Inciting others to violence within the camp is frown upon.
  • No Corps member should be in possession of any form of hard drugs.
  • You are not allowed to leave your place of primary assignment without official permission from your employer. In the same way, you should not travel out of your state of service without an official letter of consent issued by your state coordinator. Should permission be granted, do not stay longer than the number of days which was requested for.
  • There should be no falsification of any document what so ever to deceive or mislead for the purpose of the NYSC program.
  • On or before the 10th day of every month, clearance should be issued by your employer confirming that you have carried out your required duties at your place of primary assignment and therefore are eligible for your allowance. It is compulsory for all Corps members to submit their monthly clearance through the Zonal inspector.
  • It is mandatory for all Corps members to be present at the general Community Development Service (CDS) which holds weekly. A day of the week is set aside for this and employers are obligated to release Corps members on the set aside day.


The NYSC query is an official letter issued to Corps member asking them to give a valid explanation for flouting the laid down rules. Usually, this letter is issued when at the point of inspection, a Corps member is found to be absent from his/her place of primary assignment or from the State in general without official permission. Most often than not, the first query usually just serves as a warning. However, getting more than one query puts you at a risk for an extension of your service year.


It is important to adhere to the rules and regulations of the NYSC, as failure to do so could lead to an extension of the service year as punishment. The extension of your service year could last for days weeks or even months depending on the gravity of the offense in question. The maximum extension period however is said to be three months (90 days).

Below are some of the reasons why a Corps member may receive an extension in accordance to the NYSC Bye-laws.

  • Frequent absence from your place of primary assignment or state of service without official permission.
  • Attempting to influence place of primary assignment posting through dubious means and refusal to resume at the place you have been posted to.
  • Gross display of moral misconduct at place of primary assignment
  • The unauthorized disclosure of official information of the NYSC to the press.
  • Engaging in private practice.
  • Trying to influence a rejection letter from the place you have been posted to.
  • Traveling out of the country without a written consent from the NYSC Director-General.
  • Physically assaulting a fellow Corps member or anyone in your place of employment.
  • If charged and found guilty of any of these offenses you just might find yourself staying longer than expected in the NYSC program.

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