Top 10 Best, Most-Visited Gossip, Entertainment Blogs In Nigeria (2019 Update)

Top 10 Best, Most-Visited Gossip, Entertainment Blogs In Nigeria (2019 Update)

Are you surprised that Nigeria has over 100,000 active blogs?

Out of these are few of the trailblazers that others are looking up to.

Below are the most talked about entertainment blogs in Nigeria as at today December 2nd, 2018.

top 10 best entertainment blogs in nigeria

List Of Most Visited Gossip & Entertainment Blogs, Websites In Nigeria

This is the master of all blog in Nigeria. This blog is unique in that most entertainment bloggers use it as the source of their content.

This explains why the blog recently disable right click.

The site doesn’t carries only the entertaining, it carries breaking news both local and international.

Over the past 6 months, the blog has become a good source of inspiration for many.

This is another great entertainment blog in Nigeria that talk most about wedding and celebrations. It is the go to place for women who loves wedding.

This is the blog that took over the sunshine from Linda Ifeoma Ikeji. Laila Ijeoma is from the South East too.

She mainly carries news from the social media. Most of her contents are not unique as she has recently adopted copy and paste technique.

Having mastered this blogger over the years, she is one of the few bloggers who put comment on their blog to attract visitors, the same approach Linda Ikeji used to gain prominence.

She is likely to become the most talked about entertainment blogger in Nigeria if only she can put in more effort in creating unique contents.

This forum-like blog carries entertainment news sourced from forums like Nairaland and the other. It is quite common because it used to be before adopting Gistmania.

Though many still consider her as top 10 most visited entertainment blogs in Nigeria, it is no longer so, several bloggers like has taken over the show from her due to strong SEO strength.

So if you think Linda Ikeji is the master of all blogs in Nigeria, think twice. She is only good at making noise and nothing more but she deserves to be on this list for her past success.

Other top 10 entertainment blogs in Nigeria are;

Pulse.NG – Although this is a forum, it still carries plagiarized contents from other blogs.

Tori.NG – This site has great contents but the lack of unique contents the issue. If you are looking for entertainment news copied from other sites, you will find it here.

Goldmyne TV: This site doesn’t carry much news but it has an active presence of

StarGist: It is another popular blog in Nigeria but the site’s popularity is declining.

If you know of any other popular entertainment blogs in Nigeria not mentioned in this article, put in the comment box below

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