When Was Nollywood Founded

when was nollywood founded

The foundation of what makes up Nollywood today was laid as far back as the early 1960s (some 60 years ago), which coincided with the early years of Nigeria’s independence. At this time, prominent filmmakers/theatre artistes like Hubert Ogunde, Ola Balogun, Eddie Ugboma, Moses Olaiya and many more were the leading figures in the Nigerian film arena. They were highly revered personalities in the movie world, and together, they strived to create a unified structure, which later metamorphosed into what is known as Nollywood today.

Although, no one truly knows the first person to use the term “Nollywood”, the idea behind it is a blatant imitation of the leading movie scene in the world – Hollywood.

For the next 25 years after the Nigerian film industry was created by the grand pioneers, most productions centered around drama, stage performances and cinema movies. The first actual home video in Nollywood was not produced until the early 1990s, precisely in 1992, with the release of a movie titled Life In The Slum.

The movie was funded by Kenneth Nnebue, who was a prominent electronics marketer at that time. It was shot for about 30 days and it reportedly cost around $12,000, which was a lot of money during that time.

With the success of this movie, subsequent home videos were  produced, and today, Nollywood has grown to become one of the largest movie industries in the world.

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