Why African Men Don’t Propose To Their Girlfriends On Time

why nigerian men don't propose quickly

Why African Men Don’t Propose To Their Girlfriends On Time.

Finding the ideal man and settling down with him is the goal of most Nigerian ladies.

Convincing a Nigerian man to propose seems to be a problem many ladies employ several means to solve. The same way men struggle to understand the female mind is the same way women struggle to understand the thoughts and actions of the male gender.

Here are some of the reasons why Nigerian men find it difficult to propose to their girlfriends.

Fear Of Commitment.

Many Nigerian men are afraid of making strong commitments with ladies. They need time to come to terms with the seriousness of relationships and marriage. Nigerian men are scared of what it entails to be married. They understand the demands of marriage and know it will definitely cause a shift in their life style. Therefore before this life altering change occurs, they need some time to come to terms with things and many are not in a hurry to take on this responsibility.

Fear Of Making The Wrong Choice.

Nigerian men are even more scared than the females of selecting the wrong partner. They understand the implication of making wrong marital choices as many of them come from such homes. So such a man will need time to be completely sure he is taking the right step by proposing to you.

You Don’t Meet His Standards.

Men have a list of qualities their ideal wife should portray. A lady may not meet up to all stipulated demands but she should at the very least not be grossly lacking in these qualities. You may not have convinced him to propose because you fall short of his requirements. A Nigerian man could stay with a lady pending the time he actually finds another whom he feels he can take the marriage step with.

Financially Settled.

The average Nigerian male is a proud one. He has great goals and requires certain structures be put firmly in place before he can consider popping the question. He wants to have a concrete means of providing for a family to the best of his ability while equally maintaining his lifestyle. A woman being a provider in the family will mess with his self respect. Therefore, Most Nigerian men would not propose without having an acceptable means of steady financial income.

Still Having Fun.

A Nigerian man may not propose because he might be too busy having fun and reveling in the blissful freedom of not being tied down. While having you as a steady girlfriend, he may also be steadily juggling other ladies. He gets the best of both worlds so why complicate things with marriage.

Getting a proposal from this kind of Nigerian man may be nearly impossible as he has no interest in changing his lifestyle anytime soon. In such cases it is recommended to move on with your life as a cheating boyfriend will most likely make a cheating husband. If he does eventually propose, for your health and peace of mind flee from the proposal of such a man.

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